Air ambulance

Situations change in the blink of an eye, especially when critical health conditions are involved. That’s when reaction times are decisive. And teamwork! If every minute counts and time is of the essence, having a whole team quickly on your side really makes the difference.

We provide 24h/ day assistance to ensure that emergencies and all other medical cases are treated with priority, given the proper clinical attention and shown the utmost compassion.

Bedside–to–bedside transport / + ground transport ambulance

We’re at our most vulnerable when we’re critically ill. That’s when help is crucial and it’s what we do best. We have a dedicated team for ambulance flights and we put in every effort to assist both patients and families, with all the aspects of medical transportation. Every logistic step is taken care of in detail and all the processes are streamlined: from ground transport and transfer to the air ambulance (medical equipment included), to the required paperwork, to safe boarding, to ensuring the proper clinical care during the flight and transfer to the receiving medical facility. For successful patient transportation, it’s vital to have the most qualified medical crew on board. We collaborate with highly experienced doctors and nurses who have the necessary training to assist the patient at all times and, most importantly, act with compassion and diligence.

Why is bedside-to-bedside so important? It’s precisely during patient transfers that problems are more likely to occur, making this type of service a reliable means to ensure the best possible care while in transit.

Medical evacuation – MEDEVAC (from affected areas)

Were you injured while travelling abroad? Are you experiencing medical trouble while in an affected geographic area? Have you suffered an accident or unwillingly contracted a local disease?

24/7 all year round – that's our attention span when medical transportation is required.

From stranded travellers, in need of immediate medical attention, to critically ill patients, we are always ready to offer rapid response to individuals, family members and business (including insurance companies, NGOs and medical care providers). We can arrange an air ambulance, medevac or medical transportation flight from and to any location worldwide, at any time. Aircrafts deployed for such services are fitted with intensive care equipment such as respirators, CPR kits, emergency medication, an ECG, stretchers etc. and always manned by an experienced flight crew including a doctor and/ or a nurse.

Information is vital for medevac. This is why we maintain constant communication with the case manager (or designated contact person) in order to make sure we have all available data on the patient’s condition: medical record, treating hospital/doctor, receiving hospital/doctor and how to reach them on short notice. Just hit the ‘talk to a specialist’ button and let us help you bring your loved ones safely back home!

Humanitarian aid

Every moment counts - that’s particularly true for organ transplants. Maintaining organ viability during transit needs a really quick response time, support from a global network and serious planning. To make sure the air ambulance reaches the person in need as soon as humanly possible, time is paramount. This is why we only deploy experienced personal and adequate flight equipment for transporting organs and other urgent medical freight (plasma, frozen section samples etc.). We also make it our imperative to respect all transport procedures to the letter. By doing so we are able to provide safe, air medical transport solutions for vulnerable organ transplant patients, wherever they may be.

Funeral flights

Everything has a beginning and an end; it’s in the nature of things. Eventually, we all reach our final chapter of existence and, if it happens away from home or loved ones, that adds to the distress of an already difficult time for the family. Using a private charter to transport human remains back home (in a coffin or casket) can help ease some of the stress and ensure that the return flight can take place as soon as possible and with maximum care.

There are specific details that need to be considered when choosing private transportation for this type of journey, including the size of the aircraft and various dimension requirements for the cabin door and cargo hold.

We can help with the required logistics, guide you through the process, follow through with all the necessary paperwork and make sure that your loved one’s remains are treated with attention and respect. We know you already have your hands full; let us pitch in so that you can focus time and resources on everything else that is important now.

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