Air Cargo

The fastest shipping method out there right now! Airfreight shipping is safe; it requires less handling and has a lower degree of damage risk. If speedy, safe delivery is what you need air cargo should be your first choice.

On-Board Courier (OBC) – same-day delivery

Unforeseen circumstances may turn an otherwise simple delivery into a time-sensitive one. Important manufacturing components, a technical component for an aircraft on ground AOG, unique blueprints, product samples or the latest tech prototype are only some of the items that might require same-day delivery on short notice. That’s why, OBCs are now vital links in transport logistics everywhere, they guarantee on-time delivery whenever ‘traditional’ logistics are not quick enough or not efficient enough to keep up the pace. We have accumulated the necessary resources and experience to understand just what it takes to get the job done fast and in optimum conditions. Since time is of essence, our OBC partners are available around the clock and trained to act professionally and with discretion in all situations. Monitoring every stage of the delivery is also an important part of the process; you will be constantly updated on shipment status.

Logistic challenges are better, and quicker, solved with a knowledgeable team on your side – let’s talk, we’re a click away!

Pets by air

Are you a dog or a cat person? No matter what your answer is, the thing that counts is that all pets are part of the family and the source of many wonderful memories. However, flying can be a terrifying experience for them, especially on commercial flights, as they get separated from their owner and placed in a completely inanimate environment, the cargo hold. Things are fortunately different on a private flight. Provided that all necessary health related documentation is up to date, pets can travel in the cabin and be reassured by the presence of their owner. Each country has a specific set of regulations and requirements regarding pets’ transportation and we can help simplify the process so that both you and your four-legged companions travel as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

Dangerous Goods transport / Temperature-controlled Perishable Goods

Dangerous goods and temperature-sensitive products need to be kept in specific conditions and containers in order to maintain their integrity. Temperature and packing are especially important when moving sensitive cargo them from one point to another. This is one of those times when you don’t want to wing it and risk damage or loss. Identifying the proper flight equipment to safely transport dangerous or perishable goods, putting together all the needed paperwork, arranging for special permits and following through with international/ domestic guidelines requires experience and know-how.

We know how to manage all transit logistics, work to get your product on the first flight out and monitor the shipment as it makes its way to the designated point of arrival. To avoid unwanted schedule changes we always have a contingency plan at hand, so as to keep transit delays to a minimum.

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NFO – next flight out service

Maybe you don’t particularly like acronyms but this one you’ll love - NFO means putting your people and/ or shipment on the first available flight for safe delivery. If you feel like the clock is working against you, let’s team up – we can help put time back on your side! Handling sensitive shipment takes know-how, a responsive infrastructure and responsible planning.

Through our extensive use of the most dynamic, worldwide aircraft database now in place, we are able to give you access to the routes that best fit your needs. This means your staff and/ or cargo get on the next available flight without delay (specialized HAZMAT or life science handling included). We maintain constant contact with all parties during delivery and monitor progress in real-time so that we can provide you with coherent, up-to-date updates. Let’s talk details and map out the right options to solve your logistic challenge!

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