Having access to the largest and most responsive network of air charter buyers & sellers, gives us the ability to source a wide choice of aircraft types and operators. This translates to fast, made-to-fit offers that leverage both price and availability in your favour. No matter if your travel needs are best served by a light jet (incl. piston or turbo prop), midsize or heavy jet, or if rather an ultra-long range or VIP liner is better suited for the task, you can expect to receive relevant options from us, in the shortest time possible. Booking private air charters is now more at-hand and tailored than ever.

Selling/ buying aircraft

Experience the benefits aircraft ownership! You’ll take control over your productive time and costs, expand your freedom of movement and rearrange your priorities in one single move. Like all specialized transactions other there, aircraft acquisition requires market expertise, the right connections and research. This is where our experience will come in handy to speed up the process and iron out all the kinks. You can count on our educated input and attention for make-or-break details that ensure successful deals.

You might say that experience and market knowledge are even more essential when selling an aircraft. And you’d be right! There’s a lot of planning involved in the process and very little room for uninformed assumptions. Correctly identifying the potential buyers, doing valuation to make sure you are getting the maximum possible from the sale, figuring out the most efficient marketing strategy – these are but a few of the things you need to keep an eye on along the way.

If you have decided to sell your asset, let’s team up. We can help streamline procedures and filter alternatives down to the right one for you.

Aircraft charter sales

Having a broad expertise in the aircraft operational aspect means we can assist with your charter sales and/or aircraft operations. From starting your own AOC to finding the best operator to suit your needs, aircraft management, maintenance recommendations, cost control and charter sales, we got it, our motto is wherever you go for a reason!

Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning is a MUST condition for air transport operators anywhere. It is both a regulatory requirement and essential to protecting passengers and crew’s health during their time on-board. When done right, even a quick interior cabin deep cleaning of the aircraft can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and pathogens. A number to aim for, always! On-board disinfection and cleaning requires rigorous attention to detail as not all effective cleaning and disinfecting agents can be used in the aircraft cabin. The list is restricted to those that are not corrosive (or otherwise harmful) to aircraft components and it takes serious know-how to accurately complete the procedures.

We know how to make your task easier, let’s talk!

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